5 Tips for Staying Fit in College

November 2nd, 2015

College-ExerciseWe have all heard of the “freshman 15.” Whether it’s true or not, staying fit no matter what is important. Eating healthy and exercising are things that many of us struggle with simply because exercising takes time out of our busy schedules and eating healthy is expensive. Staying fit shouldn’t have to be hard work though, especially because college students are focusing most of their time on studying. That’s why there are some low-effort ways to ensure that you’re staying healthy in college. Continue reading “5 Tips for Staying Fit in College” »

Wedding Ideas for the Ultimate Sports Fan

October 1st, 2015

University-of-Tennessee-wedding-ideasAfter the wedding date is set, it’s time to choose a wedding theme. There’s no rule book saying that your wedding has to be set a certain way or even have a theme. In fact, wedding themes include everything from traditional themes to beach themes to extreme wedding themes. The list is endless. One of the most fun themes fanatic couples often choose is going with a “sports” theme.

Now that fall is finally here, football is a prime sport on many people’s radars. While it takes a lot of planning, couples who are a part of families that are ulimate sports fans will have an exciting time planning and celebrating their weddings.

Here are some wedding ideas for the ulimate sports-themed wedding: Continue reading “Wedding Ideas for the Ultimate Sports Fan” »

Mountain Biking in Killington, Vermont

August 25th, 2015

Killington, Vermont offers mountain bikers some of the most varied trails in the United States. Numerous mountain areas contain over 45 miles of trails to choose from. Choosing a trail that suits each rider may be harder than navigating the trails. But this is only true for beginners, and they have plenty of choices for their needs. More advanced riders can choose steeper downhill trails that will challenge their abilities to keep the bike centered and balanced as they continue to gain speed. All trails feature beautiful scenery and changes in terrain for enjoyment and challenges for all levels of riders. Continue reading “Mountain Biking in Killington, Vermont” »

Promoting Participation in Sports for Disabled Youth

June 15th, 2015

special10n-1-webThe opportunity for physical activities are endless–for everyone. With that said, why isn’t everyone participating in sports or recreational activities? The answer? The opportunities are simply not equal. Disabled children should be given the same opportunity to partake in sports and activities as any other child. In schools, it is up to the institution to provide accessible and fair equipment for those who require it.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, facilities and institutions must provide proper accessibility and equipment for the disabled. Still, today we are faced with many issues regarding this–facilities not following the guidelines of the act. In recent news, a boy with special needs was not allowed to participate in his field day–so he fought back. According to the news story, 14-year-old Jake Wesely fought back when his school told him he could not participate in his school’s field day due being “medically exempt.” After bringing it to the school’s attention, the school board found that this was an old policy that had been implemented and overlooked for years–the school issued an apology. Continue reading “Promoting Participation in Sports for Disabled Youth” »

The History Behind Women’s Golf

May 27th, 2015

Women have played a huge role in golf, dating back to the 1500s when Mary Queen of Scots, was critisized for golfing more than she dealt with royal matters. The Women’s Professional Golf Association (WPGA) was then founded in 1944 (later replaced by Ladies Professional Golf Association). In 2002, Golf 20/20 established a Diversity Task Force to focus on women’s participation in golf. This is all according to the Nancy Berkley Women’s Golf Timeline. And year after year, women’s golf continues to dominate the sports pages. Continue reading “The History Behind Women’s Golf” »

How to Prepare for Your First Triathlon

April 21st, 2015

You’re good at swimming, biking, and running – does this mean you’re ready to join a triathlon? Not quite yet! For first-time triathletes, it can be a little intimidating and there might also be a lot of mental fear going on. Besides the emotional factor, there’s also the actual preparation to think about such as the training, gear, and equipment.

Generally speaking, a triathlon course consists of a half-mile swim, 10-mile bike, and 5K run. It might take at least six weeks for an average person to train for a sprint tri, but of course, the more time you spend training, the more you get physically acclimated to take on the challenge.

First thing you need to prepare is your gear: swimsuit, bicycle, and running shoes. They should all be comfortable enough for you to use from your first training day to the day of the triathlon. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Your First Triathlon” »

Best Outfits to Wear to the Airport

March 12th, 2015

Dressing up in your best travel outfit is a must because you just don’t know who you’ll run into at the airport. But how much planning do you need to come up with a fashionable yet practical combo of tops and bottoms?

Stilettos do enhance your slender legs, but you don’t want to stumble and fall at the baggage carousel. Cotton jeans are always reliable but how flexible are they when you’re sitting in cramped space for hours on end. Let’s take a cue from these celebrities and you’ll be happily strutting around the airport runway. Continue reading “Best Outfits to Wear to the Airport” »

Top Equestrian Cities

February 24th, 2015

Equestrian lovers have certain requirements when searching for a place to live or visit. They want to find a community that not only it suitable for them, but for their companion. And for the event lover, we’ve compiled a list of 4 cities with the same love as you.





1) Tryon, North, Carolina

Tryon is located in Western North Carolina in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Tryon was once an Olympic horse-training site for the US equestrian teams. To celebrate their rich equestrian heritage, they have a statue of the “Tryon Horse” in the center of downtown. The globally famed icon has been a part of the town since 1928. Tryon is still a popular city for hundreds of shows a year. One of the main attractions, the Tryon Horse Show, brings the highest amount of visitors per year for the town. Many visitors choose to stay at the beautiful million dollar Tryon International Equestrian Center. Continue reading “Top Equestrian Cities” »

NFL Wonderlic Scores By Position

January 26th, 2015
English: Kevin Curtis (left) with A. J. Feeley...

Kevin Curtis: Super smart, pretty good receiver. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The NFL’s Wonderlic Test at the annual combine turns into one of the hottest news items each draft season as the scores go public. Of course, these are supposed to be kept secret, but one way or another many scores leak out each year and pundits share their thoughts on the relative smarts or lack thereof of that season’s draft crop. While it’s been shown often over the years that Wonderlic scores have little or no correlation to on field performance, it’s still an interesting piece of data if only because every arm chair quarterback can get an idea of how they stack up to a pro athlete in at least one (potentially) measurable aspect. If you want to get an idea of how you score compared to the pros, there are any number of unofficial tests online that will give you an idea of how you’d do, like this one at wonderlictestsample.com. Continue reading “NFL Wonderlic Scores By Position” »

Welcome to the Era of College Football Playoffs

December 23rd, 2014

c01-sline-logo-30_001-4_3Up until now, it’s been speculation and talk about how the NCAA College Football Playoffs would work. In just a few days, we get to see it unfold right before our eyes. The four teams have been chosen by the committee: Alabama will play Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl while Oregon plays Florida State in the Rose Bowl both on January 1st. Continue reading “Welcome to the Era of College Football Playoffs” »