Our 5 Favorite Bowl Games

It’s one of the most magical times of the year- college bowl season! Call me crazy, but I’ll take the Rose Bowl over the Super Bowl any day. This year had so many close games (even more than we expected) and was truly a thrilling time for college football fans. It wasn’t easy, but we picked our favorites- the ones that thrilled, entertained, and kept us watching until the end. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

5. Belk Bowl

Okay, so this one probably won’t make anyone else’s list of top bowl games, but let me explain. My wife and I spent New Year’s in Asheville at a bed and breakfast called the Orchard Inn, and I ended up watching this game with a bunch of die-hard Tar Heels fans. Since I didn’t get to make it to any games this year, this was the closest I came to the fan frenzy, and it felt good. Plus- bonus points for seeing a safety in a bowl game!

4. Rose Bowl

The Michigan State football team seems almost like a Cinderella story to me. I mean, how could anyone who watched their clumsy win against WMU or their sad loss to Notre Dame have predicted this? Miracles aside, that defense is something to watch, and when you pair it with the Rose Parade, it makes for an instant fave.

3. Orange Bowl

Boy oh boy do I hate OSU, and it felt amazing to watch Clemson win this game. The game was a mess of turnovers, which you wouldn’t expect from this two teams, and while it wasn’t pretty it sure was fun to watch.

2. New Mexico Bowl

This game got the bowl season off to a great start with one of the craziest fourth quarters I’ve ever seen in my life. With just 3 minutes left in the game, Washington State had a 15 point lead, and they ended up losing by 18 to Colorado State. Some truly unbelievable football was packed into those three minutes, and hardly anyone bothered to watch it.

1. BCS Championship

Of course, this one takes the cake. Say what you will about Jameis Winston (I would personally love to speak my mind) but this game was incredible. After Auburn took an early lead, FSU battled hard to come back and end the SEC reign over college football. And they succeeded.

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