5 Tips for Staying Fit in College

College-ExerciseWe have all heard of the “freshman 15.” Whether it’s true or not, staying fit no matter what is important. Eating healthy and exercising are things that many of us struggle with simply because exercising takes time out of our busy schedules and eating healthy is expensive. Staying fit shouldn’t have to be hard work though, especially because college students are focusing most of their time on studying. That’s why there are some low-effort ways to ensure that you’re staying healthy in college.

Take the Stairs, Not the Elevator

Dorms, apartment buildings, and academic buildings have elevators. Many of us choose to take the elevator, but taking the stairs is a simple way to make sure we’re moving. Take the stairs to class, to the laundry room, and carrying your groceries.

Park Farther Away and Walk More

Force yourself to walk a little further to class. Don’t park in the closest spot and walk only a few feet. Give yourself a distance to get some steps in. Also, walk to class more often, as well as the store.

Join an IM Sport

You don’t have to be a student athlete to partake in a sport on campus. Your campus should have plenty of IM sports to choose from–from soccer to water polo and hockey to rugby.

Clean Your House, Dorm or Apartment Daily

In college, we tend to let our personal spaces get away from us, but actually, studies have proven that dusting can burn up to 173 calories. Vacuuming helps you burn 200 calories. Keep your place clean–it will not only lift your mood, you’ll also lose a couple hundred calories in the process.

Eat Low-Fat Food, and Cut Out Junk Food

No one said you have to stop eating pizza. Simply cut out the thick crust and choose thin crust. or drink low-fat or non-dairy milk instead of whole or 2%. Eat baked snacks, crackers, and chips instead of fried, oily, and salty chips.

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