Welcome to the Era of College Football Playoffs

c01-sline-logo-30_001-4_3Up until now, it’s been speculation and talk about how the NCAA College Football Playoffs would work. In just a few days, we get to see it unfold right before our eyes. The four teams have been chosen by the committee: Alabama will play Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl while Oregon plays Florida State in the Rose Bowl both on January 1st.

The playoffs were designed in hopes to allow teams to play for a chance to be in the championship game while still preserving the integrity and importance of the regular season. The weight of each game is still very much alive all throughout the regular season. The playoffs are also open to every team. No team is guaranteed an in, which gives every team a fair chance to make the championship game.

New Year’s Day will be filled with college football. With two back-to-back playoff games and four other bowl games all being played on January 1st, fans will have an abundance of college football to start the year off right. All of these games are based on rankings chosen by the playoff committee. These individuals look at the overall teams, strength of schedule, and performance throughout the year. This will help determine where they rank these teams and who gets a playoff berth compared to the other bowl games on January 1.

The championship game is still a few weeks away, but soon enough we will see the outcome of the first college playoff games and how it affected the outcome of the season. The importance of these playoff games affecting the participants in the championship will add an additional dynamic to the season. Only time will tell how the season will end, but college football fans are definitely looking forward to New Year’s Day.

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