How to Prepare for Your First Triathlon

You’re good at swimming, biking, and running – does this mean you’re ready to join a triathlon? Not quite yet! For first-time triathletes, it can be a little intimidating and there might also be a lot of mental fear going on. Besides the emotional factor, there’s also the actual preparation to think about such as the training, gear, and equipment.

Generally speaking, a triathlon course consists of a half-mile swim, 10-mile bike, and 5K run. It might take at least six weeks for an average person to train for a sprint tri, but of course, the more time you spend training, the more you get physically acclimated to take on the challenge.

First thing you need to prepare is your gear: swimsuit, bicycle, and running shoes. They should all be comfortable enough for you to use from your first training day to the day of the triathlon.


It can be any stroke you prefer but the most recommended is the freestyle so you can move most efficiently in open water. But it’s not just about swimming laps in an Olympic-sized pool. You also need to work on side kicks, the one-arm stroke, and catch-up drill. Strengthen your legs and arms and work on endurance. Your breathing is also a big factor to consider when training.


It seems easy enough but competitive biking can be exhausting for beginners. Find the right gear to use to make pedaling easier and get used to how to handle the brakes. It is also recommended to have a bicycle with clipless pedals so you can save more energy because you get power when you push down and pull up on the pedals so your speed increases. Practice clipping and how to use this to your advantage on the day of the triathlon meet.


Three miles is not that easy when you’re already tired from swimming and biking. Your legs might give out by this time! But then this is also the most important segment because it allows you the chance to catch up if you’re running behind. Practice transitioning from one activity to another so your legs get used to biking and running or swimming and running. All it takes is enough practice so you’re prepared of what happens during a triathlon.

Nor’Beaster, Killington Triathlon

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