Things to do in Leavenworth Washington in the Fall and Winter

115262Some may believe that the fall and winter are just not times to vacation or explore, but that is not true for Leavenworth, Washington. In Leavenworth there is just as much to do in the fall and winter as there are in the warmer months. So here are a few of fun activities you can do in the fall and winter:


  • Cross Country Skiing: If you are not into heights, or big slopes, but still enjoy the feel of skis on your feet then you might want to try out cross country skiing. It is a fun way to get out doors in the winter and fall. All you do is put skis on your feet, usually longer than normal downhill skis, and push yourself across a trail of generally level ground. There are all sorts of different courses in Leavenworth to check out for yourself


  • Downhill Skiing: Now if you are looking for a traditional approach to skiing there are still downhill skiing opportunities near Leavenworth. There are options for beginners and experts and anywhere in between. If you love the feel of the crisp air flowing through your hair this is definitely a must try.


  • Sleigh Rides: This brings us closer to the winter than the fall, although there are still some in the fall. Sleigh Rides are a great way to enjoy the down town area of Leavenworth. How nice would it be to take a nice sleigh ride after a long day of skiing? Pretty nice if you add a few blankets.


  • Snowmobiling: Snowmobiling is more exciting for some people, but do not think just because there is a motor that snowmobiling is easier then skiing. You need to be able to hold yourself onto the snowmobile while you are racing through the ice and the snow. The wind is cold and you really have to bundle up which, can be a workout in itself. Plus, you need to have great coordination to navigate in the snow. If you are into more motor sports, however, snowmobiling is just the thing for you.


  • Dog Sledding: Have you ever wondered what it is like to race through the snow like the champions of the Iditarod? Well, you can experience a smaller version of that with dog sledding in Leavenworth. You can take a nice tour, being pulled by large Alaskan Malamutes through the snowy scenery.


Once you enjoy one of these outdoor activities you will not claim there is nothing to do in the fall and winter again.

About the Author: Sarah is a guest contributor from Pine River Ranch a Bed and Breakfast and Wedding Destination in Leavenworth, Washington

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