NCAA Men’s Hockey Update

It’s been an exciting season for Men’s hockey this year with many expected teams performing well and a few unexpected teams in the mix as well. The current NCAA DI Men’s top ten rankings are as follows according to

  1. Quinnipiac
  2. North Dakota
  3. St. Cloud State
  4. Providence (Last year’s national champs)
  5. Boston College
  6. Michigan
  7. Harvard
  8. Massachusetts-Lowell
  9. Boston University
  10. Notre Dame

If you haven’t heard of Quinnipiac before you’re not alone. They are definitely a team you should be paying close attention to. In 2013 they made it to the national championship but lost to Yale 4-0. This year they are looking quite dominate with a 19-1-5 record.

The 2016 Division I hockey championships will begin in late march and run through mid April – just about the same time that the NCAA basketball tournament will be taking place.

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