Get Outdoors In Galena, IL

Galena, IL is a small town that attracts travelers looking for a relaxing vacation. There are many things to do in the area including dining at local restaurants, shopping for antiques, visiting local historical sites, and outdoor activities. Get outdoors and visit Galena, IL for a summer outdoor adventure. Here are some things you can do to make the most of Galena’s natural landscape.


The Galena River, also known as the Fever River, offers over 50 miles of fun on the water. You can bring your own boat or kayak and launch off boat landing for free. If you’re new to kayaking or want to take a guided tour, there are rental companies in the area that will provide a kayak and gear for you. You can enjoy a leisurely¬†two-hour paddle and admire Galena’s forest backdrop. If you’re experienced, try a 10 mile trip throughout Galena’s waterways and historic bridges.


Galena’s natural rolling hills and beautiful landscape provides the perfect opportunities for golf. The top rated Eagle Ridge Golf Course offers four courses and 63 holes for the ultimate afternoon of golfing. The courses were recently re-designed and are ideal for all skill levels. The General course has consistently been featured as one of Golf Digest’s top 100 courses and has amazing views of Galena. Other courses include Woodbine Bend, Galena Golf Club, and nearby Apple Canyon Lake Golf Course.


Galena is full of state parks and nature preserves that provide trails with great views. The Galena River Trail is free for hikers and bikers that are looking for an easy scenic trail. The one-way, six-mile trail winds through popular attractions like Depot Park and the backwaters of the Mississippi River. The rolling hill trails of the Buehler Preserve¬†are also along the river trail. It’s the perfect spot to sit down at a picnic table for lunch. The Casper Bluff Land and Water Reserve offers some of the best views of the backwaters of the Mississippi River during your hike and the opportunity to explore historic burial mounds.

Horseback Riding

Miles of groomed trails in Galena make for prime horseback riding. Whether it’s your first time or you’re an expert rider, Shenandoah Riding Center offers trail rides for all skill levels. The 40 miles of picturesque Galena views through meadows and forests will make you want to never come back from your ride. Shenandoah’s calm and trained horses are sure to make you feel comfortable during your horseback riding experience.

Experience all that Galena has to offer through the outdoors. If you’re looking to stay in Galena, IL this summer, Farmers Guest House offers an excellent bed and breakfast escape.

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