Summer Fitness Trends

warrior dashSummer is the perfect time to get fit, and each year the warm weather brings with it new fitness crazes. If you’re looking to get outdoors and try something new this summer, try one of these hot new ways to burn some calories.

Obstacle Course Races

5K races and the like have definitely gotten a lot more inventive in the last few years. There are now tons of unique races to take part in across the country. One fun trend is the “Warrior Dash” and other races that incorporate obstacle elements into the run. Runners are ditching the traditional marathon runs in favor of competitions that include climbing, mud, fire, and even electrified wires in some of the more intense races. It’s the perfect way for hardcore runners to put their endurance to the test, and have a blast in the process.


Crossfit is far from a new trend, but it is gaining popularity and momentum during the summer months. The 2013 Reebok Crossfit Games will take place at the end of the July, pitting fitness enthusiasts across the world against each other. The Crossfit Open drew almost 150,000 hopefuls to compete in the qualifying rounds. With a $250,000 cash prize being offered, this event is sure to draw some major attention to the Crossfit trend.

Hot Yoga

Even in the hot summer months, hot yoga will continue to be a major trend. More and more research is coming out supporting the various benefits of Bikram yoga, and fitness gurus are liking the results. With many celebrities, workout experts, and other influential people supporting the movement, this fad isn’t passing as quickly as many thought it might.


Summer is the perfect opportunity to ditch the car and ride a bike instead, and it’s becoming easier to do so in the U.S. Bike sharing stations, where people can rent and drop off bikes, have long been popular in European nations. Now, they are establishing themselves in major U.S. metropolises. The rise of bike sharing is a major win both for fitness and the environment.

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