Why Athletes Benefit from Using Hot Tubs

Hot tub hydrotherapy is not a new concept in the sports world. Amateur and professional athletes can expect pain relief and relaxation when they include hot tubs to their training regimen. There are many other benefits of soaking in a hot tub especially for physically active athletes who frequently put their muscles to the test.

Deep muscle relaxation

Imagine a long day of working out. Your muscles are tired, stiff, and begging for rest. Getting the ideal eight hours of sleep each day may be a challenge, so why not include another method of relaxation by soaking in a hot tub. That heated pool of water with massaging jets can help soothe sore muscles and release built-up tension after a long run or powerlifting. Immersing in hot water increases body temperature, causing blood vessels to dilate, which then improves blood circulation throughout the muscles. It’ll improve joint stiffness and make soft tissue more pliable or limber. Your muscles will feel revived and ready for some action again!

Injury and ailment treatment

Athletes are prone to injuries because of the frequent wear and tear of their joints and muscles. Some may also be suffering from chronic low back pain, arthritis, or recovering from a past injury. Studies have shown that hot tubs can result in both short- and long-term relief to back pains. Consistently dipping in a hot tub reduces body pains significantly and improves one’s flexibility. Instead of taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs, let your body rest in a hot tub for 10 to 15 minutes a day to alleviate and speedily cure your injury or ailment.

Sleep improvement

Working out can wake up your muscles but exercising in the afternoon, which some athletes do, can lead to sleep deprivation. To get a good night’s sleep, soak in the hot tub at a recommended 103 degrees Fahrenheit 90 minutes before bedtime, and you’ll notice that you’ll fall asleep faster and even more soundly. Besides soothing your muscles, the heat of the water acts as a tranquilizer, which slows down your internal organs and the production of stress hormones in your body.

Athletes perform best when their body and mind have fully recovered after strenuous activities. Don’t resort to pain medications or continue to endure body aches when there is a simple solution like a hot tub therapy. So keep in mind these hot tub benefits and you’ll always feel brand new when you wake up! Talk to your local pool and spa store today.

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