Things to do in Denali National Park

Denali National Park, in Alaska, is known for it’s breathtaking mountain scenery. It’s also known for its variety of wildlife, like the “big five” wolves, grizzly bears, moose, caribou and Dall sheep. In the summer, the ice and snow melts making the park the perfect place for hiking and sightseeing. Here are some things to do and see within Denali National Park.


Hiking is one of the main things to do in Denali. There are several small marked trails where you could hike more than one in a day. The unmarked trails take you deep into the wilderness, The National Park Service has guides to help you navigate these trails that are off the beaten path. You can hike with a ranger to get a bit more information about the park. The three mile Horseshoe Lake Trail is the most popular and offers a great panoramic view of the Nenana River. The Mount Healy Overlook Trail is 3-5 miles round trip and offers extraordinary views of the whole park and Mount Healy. For more experienced hikers, the 27 mile Kesugi Ridge Trail offers unbeatable views of Mt. McKinley.

Sled Dog Demonstration

The Denali sled dogs are a cultural tradition that represent native Alaskan history. In the winter, you can map the dogs as they make their way through the park. You can visit the dogs at the kennels about three miles inside the park. Three sled dog demonstrations are given each day during the summers. It’s free to watch a ranger give a demonstration on this traditional mode of transportation.


Flightseeing allows you to see the most of Denali in the least amount of time. Permitted aircraft companies will take you up in the air to see all of Denali and land on glaciers at the end of your trip. Different companies offer different excursions such as overnight trips, year-round flights and ski-equipped airplanes.


While it’s too cold to do this activity in the winter, there are plenty of places to camp in the summer months. Camp along the Savage River for the experience of a lifetime. Camp near Wonder Lake to enjoy glittering lake views all day. Reservations for camping aren’t required, but sites sometimes fill up in the summer. Some campgrounds have RV access, but none of the campgrounds have electrical or water hookups for RVs.

Denali National Park is truly the jewel of Alaska. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Alaska, Silverbow Inn is located in downtown Juneau and features modern amenities.

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