Outdoor Activities to do in Arch Cape, OR

Oregon is a popular destination for all types of adventurers. It has endless exploration opportunities and so many different chances to experience the beautiful wilderness of the scenic Pacific Northwest and its surrounding areas. There really is no place like it and you can’t enjoy a trip to the Beaver State without enjoying some leisurely outdoor activities. Coastal Arch Cape is a location all lovers of nature have to visit when traveling to Oregon, with its gorgeous natural rock formations, enticing hiking opportunities, and gorgeous Pacific beaches. Check out this list of must-try activities to get the most out of your visit to the area.

Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach is a truly stunning scenic experience and is a wildly popular destination for photographers and visitors from all over the country. It features a traditional Pacific Northwest beach and is where you will find the sought after Haystack Rock formation.

Oswald West State Park
Just one of many state parks in the area, Oswald West features a beautiful hiking trail with remarkable foliage and flowers. Boasting plenty of picturesque photo opportunities, the trails lead to a gorgeous beach where visitors can wade in tide pools and experience the local sea life and nautical landscapes.

Deep Sea Fishing and Diving
The exotic and dramatic Pacific Northwest oceans give ample fishing opportunities. Just a half an hour from Arch Cape, Oregon, visitors can charter boats and sail with an experienced captain into the open ocean where they can spend the day deep sea fishing. The same charters offer seasonal diving experiences if the weather is suitable.

Oregon Beach Rides
Just a short drive from Arch Cape, Oregon Beach Rides offers guests the chance to ride horses on the beautiful Pacific beach. Reviewed as something like “a scene out of a movie,” the two-hour guided equestrian tours boast a different take on exploring the nearby nature.

Cannon Beach Surfing
Cannon Beach Surf offers a variety of rental packages to the public so travelers and locals can experience surfing the Pacific Coast while visiting. The business also offers surf lessons, including equipment, for both single persons and group lessons. The instructors also teach a pre-surfing lesson yoga class to warm up patrons before hitting the water.

Whale Watching
The Pacific Northwest is famous for its sea life that truly can’t be found anywhere else in the Continental United States. With many different lookout points and locations to spot sea life, Arch Cape, and its beaches boast plentiful opportunities to spot whales, with a local favorite being Ecola Park. Through the winter months, Grey Whales migrate through the area and can be spotted regularly.

The great outdoors is why so many people visit Arch Cape, Oregon each year. While you visit, be sure to stay at a local bed and breakfast, like Arch Cape Inn & Retreat, to get those beautiful views of the ocean each day.

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