Where to Go White Water Rafting in Durango, CO

Durango, Colorado, is an ideal place for people who want to go white water rafting during their vacations. The Animas River flows through Durango, and a variety of white water rafting trips are available.

4 Corners Whitewater offers several types of rafting trips. Families can float down the lower part of the river through small rapids. Rafters will see cottonwood trees along the river during part of this trip. Another trip offered by this company consists of a train trip to the San Juan National Forest and a rafting trip along the upper part of the Animas River. Those who are looking for an extreme rafting trip will be interested in an overnight journey that includes rafting through the upper part of the river. Some of the rapids here are several miles long.

People who want to spend a short time on the river will be interested in the trips offered by Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours. Travelers can take a two-hour trip or a four-hour trip that includes a view of downtown Durango from the river. The four-hour trip includes a snack break halfway through the trip. The snack break takes place on the riverbank, and rafters will have a chance to swim during the break.  Visitors can also take a trip that combines a morning of white water rafting, a day on the mountain trails in a Jeep and an afternoon on a train. Travelers return to their lodgings in Durango after each part of this trip. If you are staying in a cabin rental from Durango Colorado Vacations, they have partnered with this company and you can also book through them.

Two-hour and four-hour trips are also offered by Durango Rafting Company. A meal is offered halfway through the four-hour trip. Travelers can learn more about these trips here.

Mild to Wild Rafting and Jeep Tours offers very short trips and long trips. Travelers can spend just an hour on the river or take a trip that lasts for three days.


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