Water Sports to Try on Hilton Head Island

Some of the most pristine and beautiful waters are the ones surrounding Hilton Head Island and Bluffton. This makes this locale a popular resort area, but the fact that these waters are also the warmest on the Eastern Seaboard is definitely icing on the cake. Water sports galore await the individual visiting the Hilton Head area, and here are a few that the adventurer can try.




Jet Skiing

As one of the most popular activities on Hilton Head Island, there are many jet ski rental companies available for an individual to choose from. The best companies are as thorough as possible and understand all of the liability issues that could result. All companies on Hilton Head Island should provide a Certified Jet ski Instructor (CJI) in order to escort your group out on the water. Also, please be aware that your children should be at least 30 pounds in order to ride a jet ski and operators must be at least 16 years old and have their own driver’s license.

Paddle Boarding

This is something that almost anyone visiting the island can do. A combination kayaking with surfing, paddle boarding is also a great way to get some exercise. It also can be a great to explore the waters of Hilton Head and experience the natural beauty of this island paradise.



Another great activity on Hilton Head Island would be parasailing. Parasailing is a truly exhilarating way to experience the beauty of the island. As you sail above the Atlantic, you will literally feel like you are a bird that has taken flight. If this is a new activity for you, then rest assured that a parasailing instructor will guide into having the best experience possible, including helping you find the best spot beforehand.


Of course, who can forget this activity? Sailing on Hilton Head Island encompasses a number of different other activities, including renting a yacht and going out for a little jaunt in the inlet or going on a romantic pleasure cruise. This would also include dining on some of the best meals from area restaurants while the sun is setting across the water.

There is truly no end to the fun you can while on Hilton Head Island. This remarkably popular spot is probably one of the best places in the United States for water sports and activities. If you are looking to plan a visit to Hilton Head Island and want to be near all the ocean and water sport attractions, consider a vacation rental from Beachside Getaway. They offer a wide variety of rental homes, villas, and condos all throughout Hilton Head and the island activities that it offers.

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