The Best of the Best College Football Stadiums

Tiger StadiumAs we begin week three of college football, it is safe to say the season is in full-swing, which means college football fans’ lives are now revolving around the game. Die-hard fans know that Saturday is all about football and some are even taking days off work to follow their favorite team to away games. While the games are the primary focus of the season, there is a lot more to it. College football is also about tailgating and the stadiums.

Tailgating is a time for catching up with friends and family, trash talking with other fans, and most importantly GRUB! Delicious drinks and food are a must before the game. How will you have energy to cheer during the game if you have an empty stomach? The other crucial part of college football is the stadiums. Each stadium has a unique atmosphere on game day that is indescribable, but worth experiencing. With that being said, here are the best of the best college football stadiums that are worth using vacation days on to catch a game:

Beaver Stadium — University Park, PA

Home to: Penn State Nittany Lions
Capacity: 106, 572

The Penn State student section or “S-Zone” is the reason Beaver Stadium makes the list.  As one of the best student sections in college football, they will make your trip to Pennsylvania worth it.

Neyland Stadium — Knoxville, TN

Home to: Tennessee Volunteers
Capacity: 102, 455

Before going into Neyland Stadium, you can tailgate in boats on the Tennessee River. Do we need to say more?

Notre Dame Stadium — Notre Dame, IN

Home to: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Capacity: 80, 795

Everyone in Notre Dame loves football which creates a fun and energetic tone inside the stadium. Plus, the school’s traditions are the best in college football.

Rose Bowl Stadium — Pasadena, CA

Home to: UCLA Bruins
Capacity: 92, 542

The stadium’s history alone is enough of a reason to travel to Rose Bowl Stadium, but the school’s band and “U-C-L-A” chants during a game will make the outing an incredible experience.

Tiger Stadium — Baton Rouge, LA

Home to: LSU Tigers
Capacity: 92, 542

As one of the toughest stadiums to play in, Tiger Stadium is commonly referred to as Death Valley. You’ll want to visit the stadium with one of the loudest crowds for a night game!


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