Best Campuses to Visit in North Carolina

Duke UniversityThere are many reasons why North Carolina is a strong state when it comes to higher education. Besides its natural beauty and southern charm, the Tar Heel State is also proud to have four of the top 25 best-value universities in the nation, according to Forbes. Given the pool of talent it has been receiving, NC cities have been ranking high beside New York as a thriving metropolis. So when you visit NC, make sure to take a tour of their best campuses and feel the intellectual spirit surrounding you.

Duke University

All over the world, Duke University, a private research university, has been known to produce the best graduates and professionals. Located in Durham, the elite university is attended by 15,000 students and more than half of them are post-graduate students. When it comes to athletics, Duke University is also not backing down, proving itself to be a well-rounded university throughout.

University of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill has an enrollment figure double the size of Duke’s. It is known as a “Public Ivy” because it is a public university with the standards of an Ivy League due to its reputable faculty and research facilities. Becoming a student is tough to gain because it only accepts more than 4,000 places out of above 20,000 applications.

Wake Forest University

A private institution, Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem has a smaller campus with only 7,000 students enrolled. Their liberal arts, business, and law school have received a lot of praises and are among the best in the country.

North Carolina State University

Founded in 1887, the NC State is the largest university in North Carolina. Located in Raleigh, its strengths are in the liberal arts and sciences, which have earned the school a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. Athletics is an important extracurricular in the university, evidenced by their 60,000-seat football stadium.

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