The Best Fishing Spots In Boothbay Harbor, ME

You’ll find a plethora of fishing spots in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, whether you’re into freshwater or saltwater fish. The area is known for its saltwater fishing and fishing charters on the Atlantic Ocean. You can remain inland for the lake, pond and reservoir fishing. Fish on or near the harbor, venture a few miles from the harbor or sail into the deep waters of the Atlantic.

To start, right on the harbor, and not far from the harbor, one can easily find mackerel in addition to smallmouth bass and Northern pike. There’s no need to travel far. Similarly, Linekin Bay, which is close to the harbor, is ideal for individuals who have their own boats and don’t need a charter. Linekin Bay Resort houses their Deck Bar and Grill, a sailing academy and water activities such as paddle boarding and canoeing. It’s a great place for fishers and boaters to dock and stay awhile. Only a few miles away, east of Boothbay, Cape Newagen gives you the benefit of staying close to the harbor. It’s further seaward, where you might spot different fish.

For a more stimulating experience, hire a charter to guide you into the deep where you can catch a trophy fish, such as black sea bass, large tune, cobia and even blue shark. Favorite charter spots include Kennebec River, Kettle, Platts Bank and Sagadahoc Ledges.

A typical harbor may be rife with sailboats and anglers preparing to navigate the deep waters to string up a fine, picture-worthy catch. Instead of the drone of maritime vessels and the traffic of hotel and restaurant dwellers, imagine a village of trees and cottages where nature lovers gaze into the picturesque horizon where they might spot a wild turkey, dear or bald eagle. In this woody area, about seven miles from the harbor, you won’t find a motor more than nine horsepower, preserving all the peaceful bliss. Alongside swimmers, hikers, and kayakers, you’ll still find fishermen pursuing perch, bass and trout. Knickerbocker Lake, consisting of just over 100 acres, is a gem for Boothbay Harbor anglers and fishermen who choose to keep it simple and serene. Once two ponds that were eventually combined to form what is now Knickerbocker Lake, this body of water is as calm as its surroundings. This makes it the perfect place to bask in total tranquility.

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