Where to Hike Near Southport, ME

While primarily known for its maritime history and infrastructure, Southport, Maine offers more than a scenic harbor area for visitors. Several working lighthouses loom over the rocky coastline, which makes a day of hiking and exploration worth a try. Nature-filled hikes, where opportunities to see the local flora and fauna, are also available in the area. The Boothbay Land Trust offers a handy guide on some of the trail sites in Southport. Below are some of the closest to the island and the Boothbay peninsula. Trail difficulty varies with each site, and some are pet-friendly.

Hendrick’s Head Preserve
This trail route is more suited for beginners and is quite close to Boothbay Harbor. The route covers a distance of just under half a mile and passes through rocky ledges and pine forests, with some areas carpeted by soft moss. The trail starts near Hendricks Head Beach. This is perfect those who prefer a more leisurely hike.

Lobster Cove Meadow
Lobster Cove’s passes through several scenic points, including a forested area and several small bodies of water. The trail is located within a 47 acre of forest and wetland area. The area connects to the Appalachee Preserve and provides a habitat for more than 100 species of migratory birds. During spring, the local flowers attract multitude species of butterflies.

Gregory Hiking Trail
The trail is located within a 20-acre preserve in neighboring Sawyers Island. Its circular route covers a distance of just under a mile and follows a portion of the Back River. Some of the areas along the trail serve as a local habitat for deer and some native birds. Trees such as evergreens and birch provide a green foliage along the route, an added treat for hikers.

Penny Lake Preserve
One of the best ADA friendly trails in the area, Penny Lake is just under two miles of gentle slopes. There are also several accessible viewing platforms and a rest area for those who want to stop and take in the scenery. There are several areas considered protected wetlands as well as a forested area within the trail.

Southport, Maine and neighboring Boothbay Harbor locations offer daytime hikes and other opportunities for low impact exploration. As an area with several conservation sites, the local trust promotes a responsible eco-friendly way to enjoy nature. If you’re looking to stay in the area for your next hiking adventure, Newagen Seaside Inn is a great Southport hotel.

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