March Madness is Upon Us

March MadnessIt’s about that time of year again, basketball fans – March Madness! Whether you’re on spring break now or next week, you’ll still return in time to catch the start of the tournament on March 19. Or, maybe you’ll be on break during the tournament, but most bars and sports restaurants will broadcast the games.


This year’s complete schedule, courtesy of the NCAA website, is as follows:

  • First Four – March 19-20
  • Second/Third Rounds – March 21-24
  • Regionals – March 28-31
  • Final Four – April 6 & 8


If you’ve missed some games, want to research some teams, or just need to kill some time, the NCAA website has everything you need, including plays of the week. The Div. I rankings are here, and by the looks of it, this year’s competition will be as fierce as ever. Gonzaga currently is in the lead with 51 first-place votes, followed by Indiana and Duke. Kansas is #4, but no first-place votes for them, so if you’re a fan you’d better be extra decked out in your Jayhawk apparel¬†and showing support. Georgetown, at #5, has two first-place votes.

And, according to the current numbers on the poll on the March Madness official homepage, 72% of respondents (about 10,300 people) do not think a number 1 seed will win this year’s Division I men’s basketball championship. Hmmmm.


And, in regard to losing teams, I hope to see more comments from grandmothers like this one – although her grandson played high school ball, it doesn’t matter. It’s still so awesome. And, college students aren’t that much older. Although the NCAA tournament is taken pretty seriously, and food good reason, the players still are very young adults.

Anyway, enough with the serious business…let the games begin!

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