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March Madness is Upon Us

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

March MadnessIt’s about that time of year again, basketball fans – March Madness! Whether you’re on spring break now or next week, you’ll still return in time to catch the start of the tournament on March 19. Or, maybe you’ll be on break during the tournament, but most bars and sports restaurants will broadcast the games.


This year’s complete schedule, courtesy of the NCAA website, is as follows:

  • First Four – March 19-20
  • Second/Third Rounds – March 21-24
  • Regionals – March 28-31
  • Final Four – April 6 & 8

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Formation of the NCAA: Un Unexpected Beginning

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

rowingSo many die-hard fans watch their favorite NCAA teams every day, either live and in person or in the comfort of their own home. You may be one of them. But do you know the one event that started the NCAA as a whole?

The wide variety of college athletic teams in the organization now is huge compared to the starting point of the organization. Any guesses as to what one event started the NCAA? It all started with one rowing competition between two top schools: Harvard and Yale.

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