Roll Tide Roll!

130104114102-nick-saban-single-image-cut-580x377Okay, you’ve probably heard it enough by now – Alabama won the BCS championship. As much as I was rooting for the underdog, the outcome wasn’t much of a surprise. The only negative about it was listening to my stepdad walk around the house shouting “Roll Tide Roll!” and “Back to Back!” After about 2 or 25 times, it gets old. I can’t blame him for being excited, though. Having back-to-back championships is an impressive accomplishment. Nick Saban gets a pat on the back.

Anyway, I recently read this article¬†about Alabama football domination and I agree with what it has to say. Alabama is known for being great, I know they love winning, but when the same team gets the same distance every year, it gets a little stale. We saw some exciting things with Texas A&M (even a Heisman winner), but let’s face it – the SEC typically has the best teams, the Big 10 typically isn’t that great (except perhaps OSU and Michigan), and the last thing anyone wants is for games to start to become predictable. Sure, it’s great when it’s your team that’s winning, but close games where players on both sides work really hard are the best ones.

I’m a hockey fan, and although the same teams tend to make the playoffs every year (such as the Red Wings), there have been a lot of surprises over the years, and that’s part of what makes the sport so exciting. Anyhow, it will be interesting to see what next year brings as far as NCAA football. I’m sure my stepdad will still be donning his Alabama BCS champions t-shirt. For now I’ll focus on college basketball. March Madness isn’t too far away.

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