Mountain Biking in Killington, Vermont

Killington, Vermont offers mountain bikers some of the most varied trails in the United States. Numerous mountain areas contain over 45 miles of trails to choose from. Choosing a trail that suits each rider may be harder than navigating the trails. But this is only true for beginners, and they have plenty of choices for their needs. More advanced riders can choose steeper downhill trails that will challenge their abilities to keep the bike centered and balanced as they continue to gain speed. All trails feature beautiful scenery and changes in terrain for enjoyment and challenges for all levels of riders.
Beginner’s Trails

It’s a good idea for beginners to ride the trails with someone who knows the routes very well. This can increase safety and enjoyment from the trails available at Killington. Beginner’s trails focus on enjoyment of the trails, but pure beginners will still find the trails challenging. If you’re learning how to ride trails for the first time, you will definitely want someone knowledgeable with you. They can give you tips as you ride along. Even the beginner’s trails are designed for serious biking enthusiasts. You’ll be able to have fun and enjoy yourself on the beginner’s trails if you prepare yourself for the challenges you will face.

Advanced Trails

Bikers with some experience will love the advanced trails at Killington. These trails will force bikers to use more technical skills and knowledge as they make their way through the trails. The trails are loaded with tree roots and rocks to provide natural obstacles for riders. You’ll get a fun and invigorating workout each time you make your way to the top of the trails. Elevations and terrains vary greatly. You can take the next step in biking bliss at the advanced trails available to you at Killington.


All bikers will find the amenities worthy of the trip. You can find various hotels, lodges, and other places to stay in the area while you test your abilities on the trails. You can often find small snack shops on the trails, or you can go to the villages to find better meals and sit down restaurants. You could also rent bikes at local bike shops if you don’t have your own bikes or you’re not sure if you want to buy your own just yet. Killington is the place to be for bikers of all skill levels and backgrounds.

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