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Why Athletes Benefit from Using Hot Tubs

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Hot tub hydrotherapy is not a new concept in the sports world. Amateur and professional athletes can expect pain relief and relaxation when they include hot tubs to their training regimen. There are many other benefits of soaking in a hot tub especially for physically active athletes who frequently put their muscles to the test. Continue reading “Why Athletes Benefit from Using Hot Tubs” »

5 Ways To Avoid ‘Losing It’ When You Have A Sports Injury

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Air CastMost active people have, at one time or another, had to deal with injury. Injuries occur either through accidents, due to poor training practices, or from using the wrong gear. Failure to warm up or stretch before or after training can also lead to injuries. While some types of injuries may be minor, others are more serious and take a longer time to heal.

Most active people have problems coping with injuries because they are not used to reduced activity. Some even refuse to admit they are injured and they continue with activities that make the injury worse. Several things can be done to cope with a sports injury.

1. Admit you are injured

The first thing you need to do is to admit you are injured and thus you cannot do most of the things you do every day. If you are an athlete, this means that you should not attempt to compete if you have an injury, however slight, as you risk making it worse. Admitting it will also help you to get help. Do not assume that the injury will just ‘heal itself’.

Continue reading “5 Ways To Avoid ‘Losing It’ When You Have A Sports Injury” »